A Review of the Prepaid Legal Income Opportunity

This is a great program, one that I have been a member of and have used for some great legal advice. There is nothing negative that I can say about this company and the services they provide. They provide the service at a reasonable price as well. It is nice to know that if you are ever in a situation where you need an attorney’s advice, they are just a phone call away. They are prompt in getting back with you and they are represented to a reputable law firm.

Coming from someone who has sold insurance for 4 years, this is a great insurance to have. Who would have thought that legal insurance would be available? And that is what selling Prepaid Legal would be, it would be going out and selling Legal Insurance. You will be able to offer certain legal services at no cost to them after they become a member. Prepaid Legal offers plans for individuals and families, employees and for businesses. If you want to become an independent associate, it is a minimal fee of $49.

You will be working toward earning direct income. You will be paid in advance a commission of $69 and up to $250 when you help someone become a sales rep. This is based and focused on a network-marketing concept. You are paid on those you present the program to that want to be representative with you. You need to mainly focus your sales presentation more on the business opportunity than on the product itself.

Another way to make money in Prepaid Legal is in “leveraging”. You build a team of representatives that you help to be successful at what you are doing. So you will be compensated on their efforts as well as your own. As long as they continue to work their business, you will earn an income.

So, to break it down, you will show those you know and come in contact with, the Prepaid Legal product. You will be provided sales aids to help you do this. You will sign them up by gathering their contact information, method of payment, and their first month’s premium. Send it into the corporate office to be processed. When their membership is approved, you are paid. This is like any other network-marketing program. You will need to continue to build your downline and keep your representatives motivated. You will have many drop out, as with any business like this. But is you stay in contact with them and help train them properly; you will be able to keep the business going.

As mentioned before, you have to stay motivated and always be searching for leads or contacts. This seems to be most difficult part of doing this type of business. There are lead services in some areas where you can purchase leads. Check into it fully before you make your decision. While a few do make money, the majority are either off to the next flavor of the week or back to focus on their J.O.B.