Affordable Legal Service

It is well known that within America, most of the wealth is owned by a small percentage at the top. The sad thing about this is that not only does wealth relate to spending abilities and big houses. It translates itself into other issues, such as the ability to afford equal access to basic human services. Among these services are health and dental insurance. The poor are unable to afford health and dental insurance while the wealthy has immediate access. The solution to this problem is health and dental insurance. These two services work under a simple principle of temporal need. The fact of the matter is, even though everyone needs these services, we don’t all need them at the same time. What this means is that it becomes possible to pool our resources (money), and apply them to a select group when it becomes necessary.

This brilliant idea of leverage works very well when applied to health and dental insurance. Now, the question is how else can we leverage this idea? Many people are aware of life insurance, health insurance, but how many know of legal insurance? Unfortunately not many, and therefore many people go without legal counsel because they believe it to be unaffordable. Fortunately this is not true, and everyone has access to legal counsel, making the promises of equal justice possible.

A legal service plan can provide access to legal counsel, when it is needed at a very affordable price. You may be shocked to know how well the idea of temporal need works. It becomes apparent that top-notch legal counsel is affordable to everyone, enabling us to say as the big wigs do “I will consult my lawyer on this issue.” Another question arises, how often do people need legal advice and why would they even consider pre paying for such service? Well, here is a list of cases in which legal aid would be a great help:

– Identify theft
– IRS audit
– Dealing with speeding tickets
– Adopting a child
– Signing a contract
– Dog is poisoned
– Get charged a hidden fee on a bill
– Incorrect listings on credit report

We live in a litigious country and the list goes on and on. Legal service plans have been around for a long time and are widely available and used in Europe. Pretty soon they will be just as popular in America. I personally love the comfort of knowing I have a lawyer backing me, so I signed up for a legal service plan the minute I heard about it.