After the Event Insurance

After the event insurance is a kind of insurance that is required after an accident has taken place. In short, it indemnifies or insures you against the costs incurred to fight the post-accident battle. This may includes medical report fees or the legal costs in hiring a solicitor to support your claim. It also includes the opponent costs that you may have to pay in the event of losing or forfeiting the case.

Online sites dealing with after the event insurance talks of many methods to get one up on such claims; firstly it is important to get in touch with them ( thankfully, with the invasion of internet, long car trips are no more required). Next the advisor for the sites and the companies come up with their take on the outcome of the case. Prior to pronouncing their opinion, they go through the entire case over the phone. This is done at leisure. In the event of an affirmative answer from the advisors, the process claims begin immediately. A successful claim would make you eligible for 100 percent claim without any ulterior costs. The site owners look to claim their remuneration from opposition ranks.

A solicitor is also entitled to various disbursements; these are the charges that he was levied with on your behalf. The charges are obviously above his hourly rate. These can include medical reports, hospital records, GP records, police accident reports and so on in case of a personal injury.

For an after the event insurance case it is important to understand that the No Win No Fee clause entitles a solicitor to claim a fee only if he wins a case. (As per the Conditional Fee Agreement) No solicitor likes to give effort in vain and this is why they check the grounds of the claims many times prior to putting their head in it.

After the event insurance can be claimed on many grounds. These can include personal injury, insolvency, clinical negligence, employment and defamation and a lot more. So if you are girl sexually harassed by a boss or a person whose windshield is being smashed, you have a right to seek after the event insurance. You are also fairly entitled to do so if a surgeon leaves his scalpel in you belly, post operation.

Ibex legal is doing exceedingly well in taking up the after the event legal insurance cover. The financial services authority has granted it the position of a fully regulated intermediary.

The solicitors it uses have a great hold over the subject and look to give you every possible chance of successfully staking a claim. It ethically tackles funding litigation. Ibex legal covers a Diaspora of civil litigation and allows you the choice of selecting your own expert. Premiums are quite along the industry standards and only need be paid after case closure. Further, ibex legal does not ask you for any kind of application fee.