A Review of the Prepaid Legal Income Opportunity

This is a great program, one that I have been a member of and have used for some great legal advice. There is nothing negative that I can say about this company and the services they provide. They provide the service at a reasonable price as well. It is nice to know that if you are ever in a situation where you need an attorney’s advice, they are just a phone call away. They are prompt in getting back with you and they are represented to a reputable law firm.

Coming from someone who has sold insurance for 4 years, this is a great insurance to have. Who would have thought that legal insurance would be available? And that is what selling Prepaid Legal would be, it would be going out and selling Legal Insurance. You will be able to offer certain legal services at no cost to them after they become a member. Prepaid Legal offers plans for individuals and families, employees and for businesses. If you want to become an independent associate, it is a minimal fee of $49.

You will be working toward earning direct income. You will be paid in advance a commission of $69 and up to $250 when you help someone become a sales rep. This is based and focused on a network-marketing concept. You are paid on those you present the program to that want to be representative with you. You need to mainly focus your sales presentation more on the business opportunity than on the product itself.

Another way to make money in Prepaid Legal is in “leveraging”. You build a team of representatives that you help to be successful at what you are doing. So you will be compensated on their efforts as well as your own. As long as they continue to work their business, you will earn an income.

So, to break it down, you will show those you know and come in contact with, the Prepaid Legal product. You will be provided sales aids to help you do this. You will sign them up by gathering their contact information, method of payment, and their first month’s premium. Send it into the corporate office to be processed. When their membership is approved, you are paid. This is like any other network-marketing program. You will need to continue to build your downline and keep your representatives motivated. You will have many drop out, as with any business like this. But is you stay in contact with them and help train them properly; you will be able to keep the business going.

As mentioned before, you have to stay motivated and always be searching for leads or contacts. This seems to be most difficult part of doing this type of business. There are lead services in some areas where you can purchase leads. Check into it fully before you make your decision. While a few do make money, the majority are either off to the next flavor of the week or back to focus on their J.O.B.

Prepaid Legal Business Opportunity Review

Before we begin, yes there are already numerous Prepaid Legal business opportunity reviews all over the Internet. This is the reason why I’ve decided to write this for you in order filter all biased opinions and give you a “balanced” review instead.

At least for your sake, it will be less confusing. Yet you will still be at a higher level of understanding about the Prepaid Legal business opportunity. As we continue on there are three section to this report. Each represents a unique overview numbered just for your convenience.

1) How Prepaid Legal Services Got Started?

We go back to 1972. A gentleman by the name of Harland Stonecipher (a life insurance salesperson), had a serious car accident that changed his life. Stonecipher found out that he was insured for his car and medical expenses but not for his legal expenses of several thousand dollars.

He thought why not have legal insurance and that marked the very beginning of the “seed” of the Prepaid Legal business opportunity. In 1979 Prepaid Legal became a public corporation when its stock was traded on the NASDAQ exchange. You now see a company which offers legal expense reimbursement services selling plans through independent associates.

2) Selling Legal Plans

As a matter of fact the Prepaid Legal business opportunity means you will be selling plans often described as legal insurance plans. A typical plan provides your customers with certain specific legal services at no cost. Plus, reduced rates for other services in exchange for a membership fee, premium, or some other sort of prepayment.

You have the chance to offer individual or family plans, employee benefits plans and business plans. Individuals and families join for a minimal monthly or annual fee, usually through a credit card company. If you take a look at their website (the official Prepaid Legal business opportunity page), you will see that a minimal fee of $49 is all it takes to be a prepaid legal independent associate.

3) Your Compensation Potential And Weakness

With your Prepaid Legal business opportunity you will get the chance to earn a direct, linear and leveraged income. You’re paid an advanced commission of $69 to over $250 every time you help enroll someone into the Prepaid Legal business opportunity. You initially start off as a Certified Field Trainee.

You should know by now that the Prepaid Legal compensation plan is focused on a network marketing concept. This is why your great wealth arrives when you have targeted prospects who are also willing to work the system with you. You will need to a good marketing strategy to do this.

Your Ultimate Strategy

If you are considering to save some money on legal expenses, the Prepaid Legal business opportunity is a nice fit to your interest. However, you still need a good marketing plan to do it successfully. Your first step is to invest in a good online marketing package for your income advancement.

Protect Your Let Property With the Right Kind of Insurance

If you have recently obtained a property that you plan to let or you have one that you already let, you have a responsibility to ensure your asset is as secure as possible. Since you are entrusting your property to complete strangers, you need to do your part to make sure it is fully protected, and one of the most important steps you can take towards protection is obtaining the correct insurance coverage.

Landlords need to be aware that standard home insurance is not sufficient coverage for let properties. Aside from the fact that insurers will not cover a house with standard insurance if the owner does not reside there, and will deny any claims if they were not informed up front of the fact that the property is being let, standard insurance does not provide the same benefits as insurance designed specifically for landlords. Landlords insurance, also referred to as let property insurance, includes the building and contents coverage that you would expect from standard household policies, but crucially it also includes options for rent protection, liability coverage and legal expenses. You can choose whichever options best suit your needs, bearing in mind that leaving yourself underinsured is not ultimately in your best interests.

Homeowners are unlikely to deliberately damage the home they live in, but tenants may not be as thoughtful since they do not own the residence and may be less caring about its upkeep. Moreover, problems such as blocked drains, leaky taps and roofs in disrepair may well go unreported and unfixed if the tenants believe it is the landlord’s concern and not theirs, and escalate into bigger problems that end up costing thousands to repair. Building coverage when obtained as part of a let property insurance policy will protect the structure against damage resulting from the usual insurable events that standard insurance covers, but it also includes protection against malicious and avoidable damage.

Contents insurance can be added to the building coverage, and this will protect a landlord’s contents against intentional as well as accidental damage. Even if your tenants are not willfully destructive, they are still less likely to treat your belongings with the same consideration they would their own and, depending on the type of tenants, may be unconcerned about engaging in potentially damaging activities such as hosting out of control parties. Contents insurance will pay to replace damaged items, such as kitchen and bathroom fixtures, carpets, curtains and any other items that belong to the landlord including appliances and furniture. You may not be particularly attached to the contents you have inside your let property, but the cost to replace them would soon add up to a substantial amount, and having contents insurance will save you from having to bear the cost.

It should be reiterated that insurers will not honour claims made on building or contents coverage unless the policy is specifically for a let property, since landlords insurance takes into account the fact that the owner is not in residence, whereas standard home insurance does not.

Of the other coverage options available under let property insurance, rent guarantee could be the difference between landlords continuing to meet their mortgage payments rather than losing their property. An unfortunate aspect of the rental market is that tenants cannot always be counted on to pay their rent on time, either out of sheer unreliability or because of circumstances beyond their control such as loss of income due to an illness or job layoff. According to National Landlords Association research published earlier this year, over a six month period forty-four percent of landlords reported experiencing rental arrears, which is a significantly high number considering most landlords rely heavily upon the regular monthly income to meet mortgage payments. Having rent guarantee ensures that you will still have money coming in every month, for a pre-determined period, should your tenants default on their rent, and may also include continued rental payment amounts during periods when the property is vacant and awaiting new tenants. An additional useful aspect of rent guarantee that landlords can opt for is legal expenses coverage, which will help landlords if legal action is required to evict tenants or force them to pay rent.

Let property policies can also include an option for liability coverage. If a tenant suffers an injury as the result of a fault with the property that is the landlord’s responsibility to maintain, liability insurance will help cover any resulting legal expenses and damages amounts awarded.

In short, standard home insurance does not provide adequate coverage for let properties. If you, as a landlord, want your buildings and contents to be covered with valid insurance, and if you want to take advantage of the additional coverage options that are necessary to protect yourself against potential liability and rent payment issues, you absolutely must obtain landlords insurance.

After the Event Insurance

After the event insurance is a kind of insurance that is required after an accident has taken place. In short, it indemnifies or insures you against the costs incurred to fight the post-accident battle. This may includes medical report fees or the legal costs in hiring a solicitor to support your claim. It also includes the opponent costs that you may have to pay in the event of losing or forfeiting the case.

Online sites dealing with after the event insurance talks of many methods to get one up on such claims; firstly it is important to get in touch with them ( thankfully, with the invasion of internet, long car trips are no more required). Next the advisor for the sites and the companies come up with their take on the outcome of the case. Prior to pronouncing their opinion, they go through the entire case over the phone. This is done at leisure. In the event of an affirmative answer from the advisors, the process claims begin immediately. A successful claim would make you eligible for 100 percent claim without any ulterior costs. The site owners look to claim their remuneration from opposition ranks.

A solicitor is also entitled to various disbursements; these are the charges that he was levied with on your behalf. The charges are obviously above his hourly rate. These can include medical reports, hospital records, GP records, police accident reports and so on in case of a personal injury.

For an after the event insurance case it is important to understand that the No Win No Fee clause entitles a solicitor to claim a fee only if he wins a case. (As per the Conditional Fee Agreement) No solicitor likes to give effort in vain and this is why they check the grounds of the claims many times prior to putting their head in it.

After the event insurance can be claimed on many grounds. These can include personal injury, insolvency, clinical negligence, employment and defamation and a lot more. So if you are girl sexually harassed by a boss or a person whose windshield is being smashed, you have a right to seek after the event insurance. You are also fairly entitled to do so if a surgeon leaves his scalpel in you belly, post operation.

Ibex legal is doing exceedingly well in taking up the after the event legal insurance cover. The financial services authority has granted it the position of a fully regulated intermediary.

The solicitors it uses have a great hold over the subject and look to give you every possible chance of successfully staking a claim. It ethically tackles funding litigation. Ibex legal covers a Diaspora of civil litigation and allows you the choice of selecting your own expert. Premiums are quite along the industry standards and only need be paid after case closure. Further, ibex legal does not ask you for any kind of application fee.