Pre-Paid Legal Services – Do You Need It

There are a variety of plans from different companies for individuals or businesses. Usually you can call a legal firm selected by the plan for questions and legal advice on issues and important decisions. The plan will often cover a set number of legal calls and letters on your behalf. The provider may also do document review. Some plans will include will preparation and or trial defense service. IRS audit legal services are another common benefit. Some plans also cover services to help with identity theft issues.

I am an insurance agent in Texas. I sell Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. legal insurance. I also have a family plan that I purchased from them. The few times that I have used their services they have done a good job for me. When I have called the designated law firm a secretary has taken brief information about the issue. Then an attorney calls back in about one or two hours to consult. Two times I have requested a letter to be written to the opposing party. Both times I was impressed with the quality of their work and the letters were effective.

Should you get a per-paid legal policy? In my opinion you should consider it if you will make use of the service. How many times have you had a legal question and not consulted with an attorney because you didn’t want to pay the cost? If you will make use of a legal plan it can be very cost effective. Also consider the big cost you would have if you have to defend against a suit or criminal charges. Is that something you would like to insure for?

If you do decide on a plan, shop around for the program that is the best fit for your needs. Make sure you read the plan details and have your agent explain any items that are not clear. Texas residents can contact me at or for more information.