PrePaid Legal Review – Is PrePaid Legal the Real Deal?

Founder and History

July 11, 1969, Harland Stonecipher is involved in a head-on collision which resulting in expensive legal costs. Even though the car was severely damaged and he had medical bills, they were covered by his insurance. He even had life insurance had the accident taken his life. The one thing he felt he needed yet did not posses was legal insurance. Through this unfortunate set of circumstances, Harland created PrePaid Legal Services

What Are The Services Offered?

PrePaid Legal Services, Inc. provides individuals and businesses with legal expense plans like an HMO or medical insurance for a modest monthly fee of $26 or so.

Over 1.5 million families are currently enrolled and have their legal needs handled through a network of independent law offices. If you are a member you get a toll-free number to a law firm that serves your basic legal matters. A Lawfirm is assigned for services like: 30 minutes of phone counsel, legal letters, document examination, and a free will prepared. Other services are offered at discounted rates; such as traffic violation representation, law suits, trials, and criminal defense.

PrePaid Legal Services also offers identity theft protection. This is a public company on the New York Stock Exchange even though it is marketed through individuals by network marketing.

Is It Worth The Money?

PrePaid Legal offers great products and services even if you do not plan to work the business. This is company is one of a kind. As a business, the compensation plan, the commissions and the training to market may not be as good as others. The commissions are very modest and you may have to put in some serious hours and years to actually make a large income stream like most MLM’s.

The business plan is to sell the business to friends, family and people you get to know. Those who have been successful recommend recruiting meetings at hotels and home parties. Attending conferences and seminars is highly recommended. Members who do well in relational networking and prosper in this environment will be able to create a decent income over time.

After this PrePaid Legal review, if you find marketing to your friends, family and neighbors difficult or uncomfortable, this might not be the best fit as a business. Weekly hotel meetings, conferences and seminars is not your cup of tea, check out a home based business that mentors you to make money through the leveraging the internet.